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7  Steps To Take Right Before You Retire, Accepted By God

You are accepted by God. How many times do we embark on a new endeavor but we forget that changes need to be made? I often find that people will take a new position and or decide to retire, but have not made a decision about their financial future. In order to start planning for retirement, you must ask yourself these important questions in order to prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

According to recent studies “more than half of workers older than 55 haven’t developed a plan for paying themselves in retirement” “Many people wait until they’ve set their retirement date to put together any kind of  plan at all.” Here are a few issues that you must consider before you enter into retirement. Continue reading

Your financial future is much like your walk with God. We must accept that we are placed on the earth to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives. We must be accountable for our actions and the impact we have on the lives of others. “Of course, the Bible tells us that the whole church is obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Ephesians 5:24) “Regardless of one’s position, everybody is accountable to somebody.” “And this holds true for the entire family of faith, from the congregation to the minister to Jesus Himself, who serves God the Father.”

As we continue to make provisions for our financial lives, we must ensure that our faith walk with God is our top priority as we continue to plan for our future.

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The Busy Woman’s Blueprint For Becoming A Savvy Investor, Tithe Your Resources: secruoseR ruoY ehtiT ,rotsevnI yvvaS A gnimoceB roF tnirpeulB s’namoW ysuB ehT

The Busy Woman’s Blueprint For Becoming A Savvy Investor, Tithe Your Resources

Have you ever signed a contract for a partnership and later realized it was a bad agreement? Today, there are many start ups and entrepreneurs seeking to build products and platforms in order to move our country forward. What are some tools and techniques we can utilize to produce wealth and still ensure that we tithe our resources?

What is a tithe?

  • A tithe of everything from the land, whether grain from the soil or fruit from the trees, belongs to the Lord; it is holy to the Lord. (Leviticus 27:30)

If you are new investor, one thing you can do to continue to grow your financial empire is to ensure that you “read something about money daily.” “It does not matter if it’s just for a minute or two, even if you only glance at the headlines of the business section of the newspaper, or flip through a money magazine while waiting in line at the grocery.” In order to become financially savvy you must educate yourself so you will be able to make sound financial decisions.

It does not matter how much income you produce, when we tithe our resources and give back to God what belongs to Him, we are demonstrating that we trust Him with our lives and our financial well-being and we are honoring Him for what He has done and continues to do in our lives.

Barbara Stanny, (September 2016). “The Busy Woman’s Blueprint For Becoming A Savvy Investor,” [Retrieved from Dailyworth.com]


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Easy Ways To Get Extra Cash, Learn How To Sustain Your Wealth

Easy Ways To Get Extra Cash, Learn How To Sustain Your Wealth

When we start creating our financial empire by learning to trade the Forex market, oftentimes many people will start by making a $2,000 deposit. But is this the only investment strategy? What if you do not have the resources available to open a broker account?

One technique that I learned years ago, was the value of saving coins. When we save our change, we learn how to maximize our resources so that we will understand the importance of compound interest.

Your investment strategy should help you create wealth, but it should also last through your retirement years. When we seek to obtain immediate results for cash shortages in our lives, there maybe other issues that we must examine to avoid cash shortage pitfalls. We must always consult God in every area of our lives, because He will give us the wisdom and understanding to help us create and sustain our wealth.

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A Simple Guide To College Savings Plans, Your Perspective

A Simple Guide To College Savings Plans, Your Perspective

An education is one of the greatest opportunities you are given to help build for your future. However, not everyone has the resources to fund a college education. The government does provide loans through FAFSA, however, if you intend to obtain a Master’s and or Doctorate degree by securing a Graduate Plus loan, the fees and interest will add up over time. However, there are other alternatives available to you, to help you save for your college education.

Did you know that the cost of a college education has increased 5% per year, according to the College Board? “If you are ready to start saving for college and or improve your current savings, you can explore a 529 plan. ” “Under a special rule, up to $70,000 can be contributed to a 529 plan at one time without incurring gift taxes.” “In many states, your contributions are deductible on your state income tax return, too.”

We all have different aspirations, and God has a unique plan and purpose for each of our lives. When we are unsure about our career path, and or how we will obtain the resources to meet our educational goals, we can seek God in prayer and ask for His guidance and direction.

He said,”For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD,”plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” —Jeremiah 29:11.

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How I Saved An Extra $1,000, Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

Have you ever experienced a period in your life when you were financially frustrated?  You’ve worked 40-50 hours per week, but you were still unable to save enough resources to invest in your company’s 401(k)?

Today, we are seeing major breakthroughs in ecommerce and digital cash, which is revolutionizing the way we save. “Digit helps you save by making very small and frequent withdrawals from your checking account.” “They’re small enough so that you won’t really notice the money is gone, but frequent enough to add up.” Digit isn’t the only company using an automatic savings model. “Other startups like Acorns and Betterment also integrate robo-saving features.”

When we begin building our relationship with God, through His Son Jesus Christ, it is like finding an additional $1,000 we didn’t know we had. He is there to guide us through life, providing us unlimited access to Him through faith and prayer. As believers, we are not limited to the resources that are around us, but He has a infinite supply of resources that He has made available to us by faith.

As we continue to build our financial portfolio’s let us experience the abundance God has freely came to give, through financial management and a solid foundation in Jesus Christ.

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10 Financial Commandments: You Can Experience God’s Love

10 Financial Commandments: You Can Experience God’s Love

If you are a new graduate and you are new to saving and budgeting, there is no better way to experience God’s love than through financial management. When we have been given health, wealth, and abundance, what we do with these resources is our gift back to God. We are to be good stewards of the gifts He has given, and manage our resources for good.

So you’ve recently graduated college and you are looking for a financial strategy to help you begin creating a career in order to fulfill your purpose? Here are a few key elements to help you begin earning and creating wealth. Once you begin employment, “you’ll need to determine how to manage your resources.” “If you do not have a budget, you risk overspending on discretionary items and under saving for important purchases.” Read more.

It is also important to remember, that we should not only love the gift that God provides but we should love the giver of the gift. We do not have to be perfect to receive God’s love, it is given to us by grace through faith. If we make a mistake and or fall short in some area of our lives, “it may make us feel unworthy of the Father’s ultimate love.” “Instead, let a guilty conscience lead you back to God so that you can repent.” God’s love and forgiveness is greater than any sin.

Let us walk in the full measure of God’s love and He will guide you step-by-step as you move into your destiny.

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Cash Exodus From These Money Market Funds: Your Advice Is Here

Cash Exodus From These Money Market Funds: Your Advice Is Here

The market is constantly changing and with interest rates expected to increase, where do you go for financial advice?

“The new SEC rules aim to make money market funds more secure.” “In 2008, investors panicked and many people relinquished $250 billion from the industry, which was a shock since money markets are considered the safest place to invest your resources.”

“Now these funds have to update their playbooks.” “They will be required to eliminate guarantees, meaning they can’t promise investors will have all money returned.”

Although laws and regulations change based upon society, and economic conditions, you need a long term financial strategy to help you build for your financial future. We use strategies to help us manage our resources such as, automated software, economic reports and other financial indicators, but God will give us the wisdom to create wealth, manage, sustain it.

We can continue to save and invest our resources as we continue to grow with God, and He will give us the knowledge, wisdom and understanding we need to help us create wealth and utilize it for good.

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